Porsche climate control panel repairs pixel errors Expand

Porsche climate control panel repairs pixel errors


Porsche air conditioning control panel repair of pixel errors climate controller climate pixel pixel error  

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198,00 €

  VAT non refundable! Differential taxation according to § 25a UStG

Dear everyone

After a few years, the screens of the climate controllers of older Porsche give up their spirit, and pixel errors occur in the small screens.

This is really annoying, but we can repair the climate controls for you again. We are currently offering our customers repairs at a fixed price of 198 euros netto. This saves you a large sum because a new climate controller costs many times as much.

The process is as follows:

  • Send in climate controller with description of the defect
  • Repair in Order
  • Locate damage in our company
  • Order spare parts
  • Damage repair
  • Notification of the completion to our customer
  • Invoicing and settlement
  • Return delivery of the climate controller to the customer
  • If there are any questions, we are happy to answer them.
  • Alternatively, removal and installation in the vehicle

Best regards
Jürgen Albert



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