Vehicle data and information:

VIN:                            9117300660
Engine number:          930.101.103.1R
Number of cylinders:  6
Gearbox:                     5 gears

Displacement:             2993 cc 
Type / model:             1974
RHD / LHD:                 left-hand drive

Our Porsche 911 RSR racing car was completely rebuilt by Albert Motorsport, Jürgen Albert and Wolfgang Walter, in the years 1996/97 on the basis of a "911 S" body from 1977, to a racing car. We wanted with the vehicle in the RSR class, the group 4, in Germany and in Europe, with different drivers, at various historic racing series etc. in the Youngtimer Cup, successfully participate.

We were very successful with the 911 RSR. Many overall victories and class victories have been driven out. When later changed to other Porsche classes, the car was then sold to England and it was purchased for our team new racing vehicles for long-haul and sprint use.

The vehicle has recently received new HTP papers, which are now valid until 2028 (period H1-1972 to 1975. FIA class GTS 27). In May 2018, these papers were signed by Jürgen Barth (Porsche AG) and the FIA.

Our 911 RSR is characterized by original Porsche 917 brakes, RSR suspension and wishbone, double ignition, slide system, short gearbox and a lot of historic original parts, which are now available only as replacements.

In the years 2007/2008 a later owner has driven the car in various races in the Spa 6-Hours, Masters series and in Spain and in Portugal.

For racers who wanted to race in the mid-1970s, and particularly wanted to compete successfully at the famous Le Mans 24 Hours, there was really only one option to go ahead, the Porsche 911 RSR.

The Porsche 911 RSR was built in 1973 by Porsche on the 911 chassis base. At the time, these were not reconstructed road vehicles, but specially built competition models that were designed and built from the ground up for international motorsport.

In 1974, Porsche made major changes to the 911 RSR, including a new 3.0-liter engine, wider wheels with center-lock hubs, and improved aerodynamics. The result was a car that consistently dominated the GT category and fought for overall wins in the following years.

For further questions about our ex. Racing car, we are very much at your disposal.

Jürgen Albert
Team Albert Motorsport