996 - 997 GT2 - GT3 Porsche Sequence Switch Upgrade Kit Expand

996 - 997 GT2 - GT3 Porsche Sequence Switch Upgrade Kit


Upgrade Kit for 996 - 997 GT2 - GT3 - and 997 GT2 - GT3 Road Gearboxes on Sequence Shifting with Graded Gearwheels

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  • Article without assembly
  • Article with assembly

This gear kit was developed to convert a Porsche 996 - 997 GT2 - GT3 - 997 GT2 - GT3
gearbox to a sequentially switched transmission.

The gear wheels are on request and according to the gear ratios of you for your gear
prepared. The gear kit can also be combined with a paddle shift system for ultra-fast
To realize switching times.


This kit is not approved for road traffic, but is for racing purposes only and high performance
developed. Consequently, this article eliminates the guarantee and warranty because such racing
components by no means have the life of series parts !!
The gear unit is permanently stable for torques up to 600 lbs. (600 Nm).
  Included in the upgrade kit are:
- 6 x forward gears after specification of the translations
- Shift forks and linkage
- Gear sensor for displaying the gear engaged
- further components - see picture of the kit
This article / conversion kit is a preparation part, which is especially for you
is manufactured and therefore can not be returned or exchanged!
If you have any questions, please contact us at: albert@albert-motorsport.de



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