997 GT3 Cup gearbox main shaft 1. and 2nd. gear Porsche Expand

997 GT3 Cup gearbox main shaft 1. and 2nd. gear Porsche



Special Gearbox shaft 1st and 2.nd gear for Porsche 997 GT3 Cup transmission

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In recent years there have been problems with the gear shafts of the 1st and 2nd gears at several Porsche teams
997 Cup vehicles. The waves are very often broken or bent under heavy force, so expensive Repairs were due.
These problems are no longer with our new gear shaft for the Porsche 997 Cup. We offer you one here special shaft
for the 1st and 2nd gear, with a higher surface hardness and a better flexibility of the shaft, so that we can now easily
realize performances of up to 600 hp and 500 Nm in the 997 Cup transmission.
The profiles of the gear flanks have been optimized, so that even less wear at a better Run can be realized. Also, the
cost of the wave are lower, so that the advantage is on the line!

At the next overhaul, remember to exchange your old gear shaft for this new part.
For further questions contact our Mr. Albert under: albert@albert-motorsport.de



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