991.1 Cup Reifendruck Kontrollsystem zur Nachrüstung für Porsche 911 Rennwagen Vergrößern

991.1 Cup tire pressure monitoring system for retrofitting Porsche 911 racing cars



Electronic tire pressure control system for Porsche 991.1 racing cars with display and sensors ready-to-install kit

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Correct tire pressure and the information about it is one of the most important parameters for using your Porsche 991.1 racing car.

Small changes have a huge impact on driving behavior.
The braking effect changes greatly, as does the directional stability and grip if the tire pressure is not set optimally.

It is therefore essential that you always use the correct air pressure on your slicks.

To ensure this and to be able to check it while driving, we recommend using our electronic tire pressure control system.

Once installed, you have all the relevant parameters in your field of vision and can instruct your team in the pits what to do when it comes to tire pressure.

And by the way, you get the security in the cockpit of knowing what's going on with your tires if the grip should say goodbye.



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