Lightweight Lithium Racing Starter Battery 12V - 36Ah - 750A - 2.45 kg Expand

Lightweight Lithium Racing Starter Battery 12V - 36Ah - 750A - 2.45 kg



Lightweight Lithium Racing Motorsport Starter Battery 12V - 36Ah - 750A - 2,45 kg

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Lightweight Lithium Racing Motorsport Starter Battery      

The newly developed LiFePO4 lithium-iron-phosphate motorsport starter battery was designed for racing use.

Due to the very small design, the lithium battery can be installed flexibly anywhere in your vehicle.

The lightweight housing also allows direct mounting in the vehicle and serves as a safety box for lithium technology.

The standardized standard connection poles allow easy replacement of the battery and connection to your vehicle.

The Power Racing 750A starter battery is ideal for use in motorsport on vehicles with 4 - 8 cylinders and up to a maximum of 5.0 liters.

The small battery is designed as a pure starter battery with enormous starting power and is not suitable for everyday use.

After use, the battery must be disconnected from the on-board electronics with a circuit breaker.

For everyday use and for longer life this battery is not suitable.

In racing, our LiFePO4 Power Racing battery provides an extremely simple and inexpensive weight saving over conventional
lead or gel batteries and is the fastest weight tuning.

The new LiFePO4 Power Racing battery is used by simply replacing the previously used lead or gel battery.


  • Latest Lithium Iron Phosphate Cell Technology 
  • Built-in power balancer Maximum protection against vibration, shock and volume compensation 
  • Lightweight housing construction as additional safety box 
  • Any installation position Standard with DIN pole connection contacts 
  • Mounting attachment points are integrated

The Power Racing battery is a high-current-resistant power battery with enormous power output and lowest internal resistance.
Powerful starting and several starting attempts put the battery away even in the most adverse circumstances.

Even when charging, the battery proves its strength. The LiFePo starter battery is connected to the alternator of the car like a
lead acid battery. The alternator treats and charges the LiFePO4 starter battery as well as a lead acid battery, this does not
require any modifications to the car or the alternator.

The charging voltage of the charge controller must not exceed 14.4V!

By using the intrinsically safe system in the LiFePO4 cells, no conventional battery chargers can be used but only
chargers that have no - pulsation charging.

CTEK, Optima and Pro Charger Chargers are not suitable for our cells and destroy them at the first application
despite compatibility with LiFePO4 according to the manufacturer!


Our racing battery has a built-in power balancer, which perfectly adjusts the cells to the cut-off voltage for maximum starting power
with each charge.

The LiFeP04 power cells are currently indicated with over 2000 charge / discharge cycles when treated within the specified parameters.
Thus, these are much higher than conventional lead or gel batteries.

Advantages of a LiFePO4 starter battery:

  • > 80% lighter, very big weight advantage over conventional lead-acid batteries! 
  • > 80% smaller installation dimensions than comparably strong lead batteries! 
  • > LiFePo4 batteries make more starts than doubled lead batteries! 
  • > Longer life, up to 8 years thanks to the latest LiFePo4 technology! 
  • > Any installation position, no leakage of liquids possible! 
  • > Plug & Drive, no additional electronics necessary! 
  • > Maintenance-free & frost-proof! 
  • > Cheapest weight tuning!

Technical specifications:
Type: LiFePo4 X-Power Racing Battery
Cell Technology: Lithium Iron Nanophosphate
Design: Intrinsically safe goblet cells configured as a block battery
Removable capacity: 12500mAh / 12.5Ah
Typical rated voltage: 13.2V
Final charge voltage: 14.4V
Vehicle electrical system voltage: 12,8V
Number of cells: 20 Starting power CA: 750A
Maximum discharge voltage: 10.0V
Temperature range: -30 ° C to + 60 ° C
Temperature storage range: -50 ° C to + 60 ° C
Charging current standard: 12.5A / 1C / ~ 60 min
Charging current maximum: 50.0A / 4C / ~ 15 min
Connection: common DIN pole connection / (positive pole front right)
Dimensions: L 215 x W 180 x H 105 mm (H 124mm with poles)
Weight: ~ 2450g
Recommendation: 4 cylinder engines from 2.0 to 3.0 Ltr.
Recommendation: 5 - 6 cylinder engines from 2.5 to 4.0 liters.
Recommendation: 8 cylinder engines from 2.8 to 5.0 ltr.

Delivery: '
1 x LiFePO4 starter battery
1 x user manual Minimal weight, maximum takeoff power, best price - performance ratio!



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