Reduzierter Preis ! 997 Carrera 4S Tieferlegungsfedern 20 mm Pro-Kit für Porsche 911 Vergrößern

997 Carrera 4S lowering springs 20 mm Pro-Kit für Porsche 911


20 mm Eibach lowering springs Pro-Kit for Porsche 911 type 997 4S

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  • With installation and adjustment

406,98 €

452,20 €

342,00 €   zzgl. MwSt.


The Eibach Pro-Kit is the ideal solution for your production vehicle. The proven Pro-Kit spring system maximizes the handling of your vehicle and ensures a sporty look. The Pro-Kit lowers the center of gravity of your vehicle and reduces the rebound when accelerating, reduces the tendency of the body to curl when cornering and immerses when braking. The Pro-Kit also reduces the unnecessary distance between the tires and the wheel house and gives your vehicle a dynamic look.

  • We recommend installing these springs only in a qualified workshop like ours, which has the appropriate
    trained personnel and the required special tools.
  • After the springs have been installed, the wheel settings must be checked.
  • If the series shock absorbers are no longer fully functional and have noticeably weakened in their effect,
    we strongly recommend replacing it with new series shock absorbers or with sports shock absorbers.
  • For Sportline springs we recommend the installation of Bilstein brand sports shock absorbers such as Bilstein B8.
  • All wheels / tire combinations that have been approved by the wheel type inspection centers can be used.
  • The requirements in the wheel certificate or wheel type approval must be observed, with the exception
    of the requirement for series chassis.
  • Without level control.
  • Only for vehicles with all-wheel / 4WD drive.
  • The suspension springs are delivered with a parts certificate



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