991.2 GT3 Touring throttle valve conversion kit 93 mm Porsche Expand

991.2 GT3 Touring throttle valve conversion kit 93 mm Porsche



991.2 GT3 Touring Large throttle body - valve with intake manifold and wiring harness and Airbox adapter for Porsche    

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While testing the 991.2 GT3 Touring ( without Spoiler ), we found the air intake to be restrictive. With the larger 93 mm throttle body and the matching middle part of the plenum, you can let the engine breathe better.

We measure this by comparing the atmospheric pressure outside the plenum with the pressure inside the plenum. Ideally, we don't want any differences when the throttle valve is open.

This change will reduce the pressure drop from approximately 0.6 psi to 0.1 psi when used with our dual cone aspirator.

Our kit contains:

Adapted center plenum
93mm throttle body with electronic control.
Touring airbox adapter
Adaptive wiring harness

Depending on the design and coordination, a performance increase of 20 - 40 HP can be expected with this system. A 93mm Throttle Body has 28.6% more area than the 82mm throttle body.    



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