996 - 997 GT3 - RS - Cup Porsche racing sport exhaust stainless steel rear silencer Expand

996 - 997 GT3 - RS - Cup Porsche racing sport exhaust stainless steel rear silencer



Porsche 996 - 997 GT3 - GT3 RS - 996 Cup - 997 Cup racing exhaust stainless steel version 2002 - 2015 rear silencer with both catalytic converters

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Albert - Motorsport racing exhaust system - rear muffler with cats and pipes:
Porsche 996 GT3 - Cup and 997 GT3 - Cup - 997 GT3 Cup S made of brushed stainless steel

 Lieferumfang:Technische Daten:  
 1 x Endschalldämpfer - EdelstahlMaterial: Edelstahl - gebürstet
 Endrohr:2 x 70 mm Edelstahl gebürstet
 Lautstärke: 91,5 - 92 dBa / gemessen in Zandvoort
Kat: 2 x Rennkatalysatoren HJS
 2 x Rennsport Katalysatoren  ( innenliegend )  EdelstahlKategorie: Racing - kein TÜV
Anschlussrohr ESD - KAT: Edelstahl 70mm Durchmesser 
Gewicht netto: 11,0 kg
 Gewicht brutto:14,8 kg
High quality racing exhaust system for Porsche in brushed stainless steel. This system has measured 91.5 to 92 dB and thus
comply with the limits for race cars on race tracks in which an upper limit for volume applies!   

The complex has a perfect exhaust passage through the larger pipe diameters. The result is a substantially better Degree of 
filling of the engine with better vibration of the exhaust plume than any other, we have tested to date Racing Exhaust for 
Porsche 996 or 997 GT3 Cup race cars built between 2002-2012. 

We use this system in all our 996 - and 997 Cup race cars with great success. In our race cars, we obtain: for example, with 
a 996 GT3 Cup Bj. 2005 (Series Stand with 391 hp) with a electronic adjustment of the investment power of 435.3 hp with 
no other changes !! This system was developed by us over many thousands of race - tested extensively kilometers in endurance

We had Never failures and always ended up in the last race on the front seats! Note: This plant is possibly. Also for Porsche 
996 R and RSR to use vehicles, power measurements and adjustments have already been made several times. 

The durchschnitttliche More power is depending on the software version 15 - 35 hp The preparation time is about 10 - 20 days, 
the system is custom made for you and your needs!

GT3 - RS


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