997 GT3 Cup Gen.1 wide body Kit Carbon Porsche 911 Expand

997 GT3 Cup Gen.1 wide body Kit Carbon Porsche 911



997 GT3 Cup 2005 - 2009 complete wide kit for converting a Porsche 911 Cup Gen.1 to the wide R look 

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The 997 GT3 Cup 2005 - 2009 kit consists of the following parts:

Art.Nr.DescriptionItem:unit price:Total price:
97R-RSR-100front bumper11.950,-1.950,-
97R-RSR-101front lip left1150,-150,-
97R-RSR-102front lip right1150,-150,-
97R-RSR-106downforce corner right1125,-125,-
97R-RSR-107downforce corner left1125,-125,-
97R-RSR-108Front fin on the right190,-90,-
97R-RSR-109Front fin on the left190,-90,-
97R-RSR-110abrasion block420,-80,-
97R-RSR-111Middle bracket front bumper125,-25,-
97R-RSR-112Front right fender1995,-995,-
97R-RSR-113Front left fender1995,-995,-
97R-RSR-114Wheel housing liner VA HR1300,-300,-
97R-RSR-115Wheel housing liner VA HL1300,-300,-
97R-RSR-116Wheel housing liner VA VR1250,-250,-
97R-RSR-117Wheel housing liner VA VL1250,-250,-
97R-RSR-124Riveted part cooling channel right195,-95,-
97R-RSR-125Riveted part cooling channel left195,-95,-
97R-RSR-126Side skirt right1550,-550,-
97R-RSR-127Side skirt left1550,-550,-
97R-RSR-128Fender widening rear right1400,-400,-
97R-RSR-129Fender widening rear left1400,-400,-
97R-RSR-130Rear bumper facelift11.100,-1.100,-
97R-RSR-131Wheel housing liner, rear left1300,-300,-
97R-RSR-132Wheel housing liner, rear right1300,-300,-

97R-RSR-118Front brake channel right1250,-250,-
97R-RSR-119Front brake channel left1250,-250,-
97R-RSR-120Rear brake channel on the right1250,-250,-
97R-RSR-121Rear brake channel on the left1250,-250,-
Total net:10.665,00
VAT: 2.026,35


CUP 05


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