Porsche Gearbox repair 

Since 1979 we have a gearbox repair service, exclusively for Porsche serial and racing gearboxes. You deliver us your defective gearbox and get either a replacement gearbox immediately, or within a few days your own gearbox overhauled and repaired back.

Upon request, each gearbox will receive a gearbox calculation so that you can exactly follow the installed gear ratios for your vehicle.

HERE the link to our gearbox calculator.


Gearbox repairs


National and international racing teams appreciate our service and rely on the race gearboxes we deliver to be successful in the championships.

On request, we adapt your racing gearbox exactly to the desired racetrack, so that you always have the optimum gearbox connection for your vehicle.

We work on fair terms in certified quality with a warranty of 12 months without mileage limitation on Porsche standard gearboxes!

Installation service

The installation of your gearbox can also be carried out directly in our certified car master shop in Oberhausen. If you do not have time to bring your Porsche, we will gladly collect your car from all over Europe at favorable conditions!

Your safety

All our gearboxes are sealed by our technicians in order to secure the construction site.

As a customer, you can be sure of this and prove that we have received an original AT - gearbox from us. You can also prove with this seal that no interventions have been carried out on the gearbox supplied by us!

Important information for our Porsche racing customers!

Racing gearboxes are short-lived, short-term and not long-lasting, and therefore, like all other racing parts worldwide, are sold, repaired and repaired without any warranty or warranty. Please also note that many racing gearboxes have to be overtaken or revised after only 30 - 50 hours. Your Porsche operating instructions for racing vehicles provide you with the relevant information!

If you have any questions, please contact: albert@albert-motorsport.de



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