997 GT3 Cup -GT3 R - RSR Kupplung HD Hochleistungskupplung Porsche Vergrößern

997 GT3 Cup - GT3R - RSR clutch HD high performance clutch Porsche



Clutch racing clutch for Porsche 997 Cup - RSR - GT3R with sintered discs and 750 Nm of power transmission. Special production in high technology! Long service life, better transmission and longer life than the Porsche series clutch! 

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For many years we have a very well-proven clutch in racing use, which is very reasonably priced.
This clutch costs only about half of a Porsche 997 Cup clutch, but can transmit higher torques of up to 750 Nm, is lighter and has a much longer service life than the Porsche 997 Cup GT3R or RSR series clutch.

The clutch is also characterized by a much lower heat sensitivity compared to the series clutch! Since using these clutches in our racing cars, we have had no trouble with heat problems at the clutch!

On the third photo you can see the difference between the original Porsche clutch (right) and our clutch (left).
Also, individual parts are available on short notice from us.

Our motorsport clutches are designed for the lowest possible mass and pursue the goal of transmitting the engine's torque as fast as possible and directly to the transmission.
By facilitating measures in the crank mechanism, which reduce the moment of inertia, the acceleration behavior of the vehicle in the lower gears increases significantly.

Has for example, if the clutch has a mass moment of inertia (Mtm) of 0.061 kgm2, it will act at a gear ratio of 13.4: 1 (1st gear ratio) on the drive wheel at 180 times the amount (13.42). Converting the Mtm in vehicle mass, this results in the first gear, an additional weight of about 145 kg, which is to accelerate.

Due to the low inertia of our clutch, a significant shortening of the shift times and a faster acceleration of your vehicle is possible.



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