991 Cabrio Verdeck in Sonnenland Dralonstoff für Porsche 911 Vergrößern

991 convertible soft top in Sonnenland dralon fabric for Porsche 911


Porsche 991 convertible roof convertible top roof outer skin with glass for Porsche 911 from 2012 from Daimler Benz Sonnenland Dralon

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2 629,80 €

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After ordering, we will manufacture a Porsche 991 convertible roof (convertible top) made of the best available material for you, the Daimler Benz Sonnenland Dralon material.

The roof is originally made by Porsche from the same high-quality material, which guarantees you a long service life.

If you have a special color request, this can also be realized, but we still have to get the appropriate material for you.

If you have any questions, please contact us.



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