964 - 964 RS Porsche Carrera Sportfahrwerk mit Walter Röhrl Abstimmung 911 Vergrößern

964 - 964 RS Porsche Carrera sports suspension with Walter Röhrl setting 911


The best Bilstein sports suspension for Porsche 911 - 964 / C2 / RS with Walter Röhrl vote on one of our 911 - 964 RS vehicles.

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Our Bilstein-made suspension with typical tuning - comfort & sport was in elaborate driving tests 
from Walter Röhrl on our Porsche 964 Carrera RS, tuned and into the border area extensively tested.

High speed, lane change, comfort, handling, vehicle balance and traction. With all these demands
the chassis was consistently confronted during the test phase.

Especially in borderline situations, a perfectly tuned chassis determines driving pleasure and safety!

This chassis is ideally suited for the very sporty ambitious driver, who is also an ideal on the racetracks
tuned suspension for safe and fast laps for his Porsche 964 - C2 and RS wants to acquire.



For Porsche 964 (not RS) vehicles, please note how the rear spring domes look.
There is this in 2 variants.
Once with a short rear spring dome and once with a long rear spring dome.

The corresponding images are listed here in the sequence of images.



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