Since 1979, we carry out all sorts of painting and labeling work on Porsche production and racing vehicles.

In our partner company, an award-winning paint shop, our high-quality Porsche vehicles are prepared according to the best of craftsmanship and completely coated as needed from the inside, outside and from below with plastic and then perfectly lacquered with the latest water technology and then permanently sealed.

Precisely in the event of a claim, even aged shades are mixed by computer measurement and precisely repainted. This will permanently preserve the original condition of the high-quality vehicles. Do not compromise, because we do not do it for you!

A computer-controlled color mixing machine that has it all!

Online, the recipes for color compositions are transferred and can be mixed immediately by computer control, so that there are no color differences later, just as if your vehicle had just been completely repainted.

With already repainted vehicles, the recipe of the applied color can be precisely determined to the point, even if a pre-repairer should not have met the color formula precisely.

It goes without saying that only the highest quality paints and materials for our vehicles are used.

After painting, the drying takes place in the drying chamber. Here exactly the drying times are meticulously met in order to achieve the best possible painting result for you and your high-quality Porsche vehicle.

Even in exceptional cases, we can realize your painting wishes.

Multi-colored finishes, stripes or special patterns can be realized on request. There are also specialists in our circle of suppliers to, for example, paint your helmet to match your vehicle. Just ask us, we can help you in the realization of your wishes guaranteed.

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