The Porsche factory warranty remains with repairs
and maintenance received by Albert - Motorsport!

The GVO regulates that a vehicle buyer no rights are lost if he has his Porsche vehicle repaired or maintained in a free, independent of the Porsche factory porschewerkstatt!

This applies in particular to all warranty and warranty claims!
The regulations result from article 4 of the GMO as well as the GMO guideline under no. 3.3, keyword "repair and maintenance of motor vehicles".

That means:
As a consumer, you have the legal right to choose our company as a repair and maintenance company without incurring a disadvantage with regard to the warranty and warranty conditions on the part of the vehicle manufacturer Porsche!
Our since 1979 existing car master workshop for Porsche vehicles is ISO 9001 certified, 4 experienced motor vehicle masters and other technicians take care of the concerns of your vehicle! We are directly connected to the Porsche spare parts supply and receive all current information directly from the Porsche factory. In addition, we have been working very closely with the Porsche racing department in Weissach for many years, and here too we are well supplied with data and all spare parts for Porsche production and racing vehicles.

Since 1979, our employees have extensive experience in repairs, maintenance, tuning and decades of active racing with Porsche production and racing vehicles!
We guarantee top quality in the execution of work on your vehicle, with full warranty and warranty according to the valid EC - laws!
Due to our operating structure, there is practically no order that we can not carry out on your Porsche vehicle.
We are pleased to invite you to our company with your Porsche vehicle.

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