TÜV examinations by Albert Motorsport

come to us with your Porsche for the main inspection!
We prepare your vehicle and arrange the acceptance.

The checklist for your Porsche TÜV main inspection

1. General

    ■ Do you have your vehicle registration certificate or the registration certificate Part I and, if necessary, other documents at hand,
       such as the proof of a change acceptance or a general operating permit?

    ■ Is the nameplate (nameplate) available and legible?

    ■ Does the vehicle identification number (VIN) on the vehicle match that in the papers and is it legible?

    ■ Does the steering wheel lock and tachometer work?

    ■ Are the license plates clearly legible, undamaged and securely fastened?

    ■ Is the required accessories (first aid kit and warning triangle) on board and in good condition?

2. Washers and mirrors

    ■ Is the windscreen undamaged?

    ■ Does the car wash work properly and are the windscreen wipers unused?

    ■ Are rearview mirrors intact and secure?

3. Lighting and electrical equipment

    ■ Are the luminaire housings and reflectors undamaged?

    ■ Do all lights and control lights work?

    ■ Are there any error messages about the electronic vehicle dynamics systems?

    ■ Are the headlamp reflectors OK and not oxidized?

    ■ Does the headlamp leveling function?

    ■ Are all lamps bright and evenly strong without flickering?

    ■ Is the battery in good condition and sufficiently secured?

    ■ Do horn and heater fan work?

    ■ Are the electrical connections solid and not oxidized?

    ■ Are the electrical cables laid without abrasion and undamaged?

4. steering

    ■ Does the steering function without vibrations and without flapping while driving?

    ■ Is the steering wheel in the correct position when driving straight ahead?

    ■ Is the steering smooth and accurate?

    ■ Is there no noticeable steering play?

5. Brakes

    ■ Are the components of the brake system (pipes, hoses, linings, disks and drums) in order?
    ■ Is the brake fluid not used and is the brake fluid level correct?

    ■ Is the brake system tight?

    ■ Are the brakes free?

    ■ Is there still a travel reserve for the lever and pedal travel?

    ■ Does the handbrake engage securely and is it easy to release?

    ■ Is the rubber pad on the brake pedal present?

6. Wheels and tires

    ■ Is the prescribed minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm available on all tires?

    ■ Have the tires traveled evenly over the entire tire width?

    ■ Do the tire size and tire name match those in the vehicle documents?

    ■ Is the specified running direction of the tires correct?

    ■ Do tires have no damage, such as bumps, cuts or cracks?

    ■ Are the rims undamaged and securely fastened? Our tip: For safety reasons recommend
       We, summer tires at the latest with a remaining profile of two millimeters and winter tires
       to renew at the latest at four millimeters.

7. Drive, chassis and body

    ■ Are no frames or supporting parts heavily rusted or even rusted?

    ■ Are all shock absorbers tight?

    ■ Are the engine and transmission tight?

    ■ Are the fuel lines and hoses tight?

8. exhaust and noise behavior

    ■ Is the exhaust tight and properly fastened?

    ■ Do warning or indicator lights indicate errors?

    ■ Does the vehicle violently run or does it emit blue smoke?

Our tip:
Save your valuable time. Sign up for your next main inspection,
We realize a pre-check and the TÜV-examination.



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