When is air conditioning service necessary? 

The air conditioning system not only ensures a cool head on hot days, but also prevents fogging
on the windows in winter and on rainy days. In addition, the air conditioning system provides together with the cabin air filter
for fresh air throughout the year - and thus protects especially allergy sufferers, which many drivers are unaware.

Due to the natural loss of the refrigerant and the colonization of bacteria, fungi and microorganisms
Car air conditioners are regularly maintained and disinfected.

For this reason, Porsche recommends once a year the use of an air conditioning service including an air conditioning
Disinfection, air conditioning inspection and the change of the cabin air filter.

Air conditioning maintenance only with new cabin filter

The interior filter frees the air flowing into your car from fine dust, pollen, soot and other dirt particles.
Bad air makes you tired, irritates your eyes and respiratory system. Once the air is clean, it will ensure well-being and comfort
reduces the risk of asthma and allergy, especially in pollen allergy sufferers.

We recommend changing the cabin filter every 20,000 kilometers or at least once a year.
We recommend only filters in OEM quality and build these only one.



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