Engine repairs 

Since the mid-1970s, we have been rebuilding Porsche series and racing engines.

You deliver to us your defective engine and either get an AT engine immediately, or within a few days your own engine completely overhauled and expertly repaired according to the RAL freight lines.

The installation is also done by us, so that we can test the faultless function in the technical operating environment and, if necessary, also perform a power test and software adjustment.


On request, we can also perform a performance boost on your engine. You are responsible for the necessary TÜV examinations and approvals. Please discuss this in advance with our service.

Many porsche-engines leave rebuilt each year our company.

For this purpose, the motors are secured to Euro pallets and packaged with foil to provide maximum protection during transport. Many national and international racing teams rely on our racing engines to successfully compete
in their championships.

On request, we can adapt your engine to your requirements, so that you always have the optimum thrust in your vehicle. Many customers worldwide as well as Porsche centers accept our service for serial and racing engines.

Compared to considerably more favorable conditions, we can deliver, in TÜV certified certified quality from master hand, with a guarantee of 12 months without kilometer limitation for our series engines.

Porsche waterboxer engines:

For a number of years, we have been replacing Porsche waterbox engines for a unique repair method by removing the unstable Porsche aluminum cylinders from the engine block and replacing them with new solid and durable spherical graphite cylinders by centrifugal casting. This method finally creates a long enginelife without compromise.

Installation service:

The installation of your new engine is also carried out in our master car dealer in Oberhausen.
If you do not have time to bring your vehicle, we will gladly pick up your car to our own cost in whole Europe!  

Your security:

All engines delivered by us are sealed directly in the production site to maintain the building site.

As a customer, you can rest assured that you have received an original AT motor from us. In our warranty, you can also prove with our seal that the engine supplied by us has not previously been manipulated otherwise.

We will give you all the Porsche models we have overhauled
A guarantee of 12 months without kilometer limitation.

Racing and Tuning engines:

Racing and Tuning engines are short-lived and designed for maximum performance and not for longevity, and are therefore sold, like all racing parts, without any guarantee and without warranty and overtaken.
In case of questions please contact us. albert@albert-motorsport.de



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