Porsche body shop

When we started our business in 1979, we were able to repair, rebuild and rebuild many thousands of Porsche production and racing vehicles in our company and to realize many special requests for our customers' vehicles. We carry out all repairs to bodies for Porsche in our house, no matter to what extent and with what effort and with what materials!
Frame alignment bench

We have our own frame leveling bench and all important frame straightening sets for Porsche vehicles. Thus, we can repair all Porsche types professionally and absolutely accurately on this frame bench in professional quality. This bodywork service has been used for years by various Porsche centers.

Repair of a Porsche 996 GT2 accident car



We process all materials known in the body shop, such as Steel, stainless steel, titanium, tin, zinc, carbon, fiberglass, Kevlar, mylar, epoxy, polyester, aramid, glass mats, glass fiber fabrics, synthetic resins and fillers as well as resins and sheets of all kinds. With our numerous special and special constructions, these materials come regularly for use.

Also all important types of connection such. TIG welding, aluminum welding, soldering, gluing in any form, riveting, pasting etc. can be commissioned by us to realize your complex projects as well as possible.

New construction of a 997 GT2 racing car Flat body made of steel - carbon - stainless steel - aluminum

Rotary device for Porsche vehicles

With our rotating equipment for Porsche vehicles, there are no hard-to-reach places on Porsche, so you can be sure that every corner, no matter how difficult, can be handled with the same care as all other points. This system is particularly interesting for laminating and welding work on the underbody of vehicles. It is no longer necessary to work overhead! Our technicians and workshop customers really appreciate this work advantage!

Roll bar and racing cells

Many racing fans and racing teams from Germany and abroad bring us their vehicles for welding homologated racing sport cells and welding cages. And not without reason. Our cages use only the very best high alloy material. From decades of racing experience we know how important a good welding cage is. Too often we have seen many serious accidents both nationally and internationally, where too little attention has been paid to these important safety measures. Therefore you should not save at the wrong end! A still in our operation with 145 km / h driven against the wall Porsche 996 GT2 body can be visited with pleasure. The engine and transmission, as well as all axles have been torn out of the car. The belt and seat anchorages, as well as the cell has held, so that the driver has remained largely unhurt. The entire body has deformed around the cell! This clearly shows how strong the material is and how good the execution of the work is!

Body kits

We currently have more than 200 different body kits and conversion variants for Porsche in production and in our product range. Starting with the early Porsche 911 he types across all available racing variants of the Porsche 911, up to the most recent Porsche 997 and 991 he series and racing types. Just ask us, it really would have to "go to the devil" if we could not help you and can not deliver the item you want.
Under the corresponding headings you will find the most common kits and conversion parts. If you can not find the item you are looking for, please contact us, we will get back to you shortly and inform you:

Ask us about all racing parts for Porschefahrzeuge -
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