991 GT3 Cup Wide Body Kit for Porsche 911 Expand

991 GT3 Cup Wide Body Kit for Porsche 911



Carbon wide body kit for Porsche 991 GT3 Cup vehicles 2013 - 2016

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13 835,00 €

  VAT non refundable! Differential taxation according to § 25a UStG

 Components of the wide body kit: 

Item number:Description:Material:Netprice:
991RB100Center inlet cover - third holeCarbon35,00
991RB101Cover inlet middle - half holeCarbon35,00
991RB102Cover inlet middle - whole holeCarbon55,00
991RB103Cover inlet center - for standard front whole holeCarbon55,00
991RB104Front bar - front bumperCarbon1600,00
991RB105front splitterCarbon2000,00
991RB106Right front splitter holderstainless steel250,00
991RB107Bracket front splitter leftstainless steel250,00
991RB108Front lip rightPertinax155,00
991RB109Front lip leftPertinax155,00
991RB110Front lip middlePertinax145,00
991RB111Side Splitter rightCarbon125,00
991RB112Side Splitter leftCarbon125,00
991RB113Front widening rightCarbon225,00
991RB114Front widening leftCarbon225,00
991RB115Wheel arch guerney rightCarbon55,00
991RB116Wheel arch guerney leftCarbon55,00
991RB121Fender extension rightCarbon350,00
991RB122Fender extension leftCarbon350,00
991RB125Widening rear rightGRP400,00
991RB126Widening rear leftGRP400,00
991RB127Widening rear bar rightGFK225,00
991RB128Widening rear bar leftGRP225,00
991RB129Rear bumperGRP1150,00
991RB130Cover exhaust holeGRP125,00
991RB131Trunk lid GTDGRP1450,00
991RB133Diffusor Fins ( Set ) GRP295,00
991RB134Diffuser fin outside rightGRP90,00
991RB135Diffuser fin outside leftGRP90,00
991RB136Diffuser fin inside rightGRP90,00
991RB137Diffuser fin inside leftGRP90,00
991RB138Bracket diffuser front rightstainless steel30,00
991RB139Bracket diffuser front leftstainless steel30,00
991RB140Rear diffuser holderstainless steel30,00
991RB141gear floorCarbon575,00
991RB142friction blockstainless steel25,00
991RB150Rear wing 991 CupCarbon1250,00
Sum of all components:Summe:
Sum of all components:Brutto:

Wide Body


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