997.1 Turbo Klappenanlage Auspuff Edelstahl mit Leistungssteigerung Porsche 911 für orig Endrohre Vergrößern

997.1 Turbo flap system exhaust stainless steel with performance increase Porsche 911 for serial tailpipe


997 turbo rear silencer polished plus valve system plus sport cat for serial tailpipes with performance increase due to better gas flow 

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5 412,86 €

4 548,62 €   zzgl. MwSt.


In this system the double tailpipe is shown but not included in the price.

This exhaust system was designed for the series tailpipe.

These exhaust systems are customized in accordance with our customers
requirements in Germany, made by hand, therefore a return is not possible.



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