993 - 996 - Turbo - GT2 - Garrett GT - R Turbocharger Upgrade Kit Expand

993 - 996 - Turbo - GT2 - Garrett GT - R Turbocharger Upgrade Kit


Garrett GT - R turbocharger with special exhaust housing for 993 and 996 and 997 biturbo

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5 750,00 €

  VAT non refundable! Differential taxation according to § 25a UStG

Garrett GT - R Upgrade Kit for Porsche 993 and 996 Biturbo with stainless steel exhaust housing.
These double ball bearing turbochargers are a special production for Porsche 993 Biturbo
and Porsche 996 Biturbo and Porsche 993/996 GT2 vehicles with the corresponding exhaust
and exhaust header connection flanges.
These GT-R loaders are not standard parts, they have a very fast response and press up very well,
into the high speed range.
There are power increases of 700 - 900 hp (about 500 - 660 kW) depending on the technical environment

This turbo conversion kit will be delivered on request with all necessary cables and connections.
Attention !

For these our GT - R loaders no TÜV or ABE etc. are available, because you exclusively for
the motorsport and pure racing purposes have been developed and distributed.

These items are not standard or delivery goods, but will be specially designed for you
intended purpose made.

The assembly on vehicles gem. STVZO is at your own risk!



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