996 TT - GT2 Porsche rear spoiler - rear hood in 996 Cup optics Expand

996 TT - GT2 Porsche rear spoiler - rear hood in 996 Cup optics


Porsche 996 Turbo - GT2 - Carrera S, rear spoiler hood single or ww. with wingboard of the Porsche 996 Cup 

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  • Article without assembly
  • With assembly and painting

Porsche 996 Cup rear spoiler for Porsche 996 Turbo - GT2 - Carrera 2S - 4S
For the uncompromising sports driver we offer here a rear spoiler as a counterpart
to the original part, which the features in the fit through the rear
Lamps and the wider sheet metal area below the rear window considered.

With our hood it is now possible to achieve the maximum contact pressure of a GT3
Cup Spoiler with optimal optics especially for the Porsche 996 Turbo and 996 GT2 and
Carrera 2S and 4S.

You can get the hood individually from us, or in combination with the wider wing
board of the Porsche 996 Cup and also the aluminum carrier of the Cup car.

On request we can also supply the rear spoiler in carbon. Please ask for the price.
Attention: this spoiler does not fit on the normal Porsche 996 Carrera or GT3,
because the lamp shape is different and the spoiler below because of the wider sheet
the rear window is shorter!
If you have any questions, please contact: albert@albert-motorsport.de



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