991 Turbo Klappenanlage Edelstahl Auspuff Porsche Vergrößern

991 Turbo Flap System Stainless Steel Exhaust Porsche


991 Turbo Flap Exhaust Sport Exhaust Exhaust system made of high quality exhaust stainless steel with electronic remote control.

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2 950,00 €

2 478,99 €   zzgl. MwSt.

Exhaust system for the first generation 911 991.1 Turbo (2013-2015). This sport exhaust is a high-quality, X-Pipe-linked, TIG-welded and brushed Euro exhaust that sounds fantastic.

When the flaps are open, it has an aggressive sports note and a milder sound when the valves are closed. Special catalytic converters are used to ensure that the indicator light (CEL) does not light up.

The system realizes a smooth, uncomplicated installation. We provide a lifetime warranty due to the high quality material.



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