991 SP 7 Kit for Porsche 991 GT3 Cup 2013 - 2016 Expand

991 SP 7 Kit for Porsche 991 GT3 Cup 2013 - 2016



991 SP 7 widebody kit for Porsche 991 GT3 Cup 2013 - 2016 carbon

More details

The 991 SP 7 Kit for Porsche 991 GT3 Cup 2013 - 2016 Carbon consists of the following components:

ALB-91-SP-101Rear bumperCarbon1.150,00
ALB-91-SP-102Cover inlet middle - whole holeCarbon85,00
ALB-91-SP-105Front splitterCarbon2.000,00
ALB-91-SP-106Right front splitter holderCarbon265,00
ALB-91-SP-107 Left front splitter holderCarbon265,00
ALB-91-SP-108 Frontlip rightCarbon170,00
ALB-91-SP-109 Frontlip leftCarbon170,00
ALB-91-SP-110 Frontlip middleCarbon160,00
ALB-91-SP-111Abtriebsecke rechtsCarbon125,00
ALB-91-SP-112Abtriebsecke linksCarbon125,00
ALB-91-SP-113Fender flare front rightGFK250,00
ALB-91-SP-114Fender flare front leftGFK250,00
ALB-91-SP-115Wheel arch guerney rightCarbon125,00
ALB-91-SP-116Wheel arch guerney leftCarbon125,00
ALB-91-SP-117Fender flare rear rightGFK375,00
ALB-91-SP-118Fender flare rear leftGFK375,00
ALB-91-SP-119Fender air channel rightGFK350,00
ALB-91-SP-120Fender air channel leftGFK350,00
ALB-91-SP-121Fender widening rear rightGFK350,00
ALB-91-SP-122Fender widening rear leftGFK350,00
ALB-91-SP-123widening rear bumber rightGFK250,00
ALB-91-SP-124 widening rear bumber leftGFK250,00
ALB-91-SP-125 Exhaust hole coverCarbon125,00
ALB-91-SP-126 rear hood GTDCarbon1.500,00
ALB-91-SP-127 DiffusorGFK1.250,00
ALB-91-SP-128 Set Diffusor fins GFK400,00
ALB-91-SP-129Diffusor Fin outside rightGFK115,00
ALB-91-SP-130Diffusor Fin outside left GFK115,00
ALB-91-SP-131Diffusor Fin inside rightGFK115,00
ALB-91-SP-132Diffusor Fin inside left GFK115,00
ALB-91-SP-133Bracket Diffusor front rightEdelstahl45,00
ALB-91-SP-134Bracket Diffusor front leftEdelstahl45,00
ALB-91-SP-135Bracket Diffusor middle rearEdelstahl45,00
ALB-91-SP-136Gearbox floor  Carbon575,00
ALB-91-SP-138Lamp ring right130,00
ALB-91-SP-139Lamp ring left130,00
ALB-91-SP-140Lamp box right170,00
ALB-91-SP-141Lamp box left170,00
ALB-91-SP-142Lamp glas rightPlexiglas155,00
ALB-91-SP-143Lamp glas left Plexiglas155,00
ALB-91-SP-150wheel arch guerney rear axle front rightCarbon95,00
ALB-91-SP-151wheel arch guerney rear axle front leftCarbon95,00
ALB-91-SP-160wheel arch guerney rear axle rear rightCarbon65,00
ALB-91-SP-161wheel arch guerney rear axle rear left Carbon65,00




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