911 SC Racecar Porsche 3.0 RS Expand

911 SC Racecar Porsche 3.0 RS



Porsche 911 SC Carrera RS 3.0 liter with many conversions according to the list for sale with customer with 2nd engine and matching numbers.  

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80 000,00 €

  VAT non refundable! Differential taxation according to § 25a UStG

Specification list:

  • Porsche 911 Carrera RS 3.0 ltr (with a valid Dutch historical blue license plate and valid TÜV test.


  • Basic 911 SC Coupé 3.0 ltr - August 1977 (The SC comes from the first week of production)
  • Roll cage Original FIA Matter
  • Body Carrera RS 3.0ltr, aerodynamically optimized
  • Kevlar doors, aluminum hinges, door belts
  • Trunk lid Kevlar with oil cooler ventilation
  • Bumper made of polyester
  • Polyester rear bumper
  • Polyester hood / spoiler (3.0ltr RSR) with screw-on extension flap
  • Door window made of polycarbonate
  • Side window made of polycarbonate
  • Polycarbonate rear window
  • Adjustable polyester side mirror (3.0 l RSR)
  • Polyester wing on the left front
  • Splash guard polyester front right
  • Weight-optimized approx. 985-990 kg
  • Tow eye 2x front and rear
  • 2x ▪ Lock for trunk lid and bonnet / spoiler

Suspension / steering:

  • 3.0 l RSR struts with two coil springs (Bilstein / Eibach) (fully adjustable)
  • Modified front wishbones
  • Short motorsport steering.
  • Uniball Race - Front suspension struts (fully adjustable)
  • Derkum 3.0ltr RSR Uniball Race Strut Bar (fully adjustable)
  • TRG Uniball Race Bumpsteer Kit (fully adjustable)
  • TRG Uniball Race Stabilizers RSR (fully adjustable)
  • Reinforced rear suspension brackets for stabilizers
  • Teflon bushings instead of rubber
  • Front brake air line
  • Rear brake air duct
  • Front and rear track width adjustable (e.g. when it rains)
  • Steel wheel nuts

Braking system:

  • Porsche 993 front saddles
  • Porsche 964 rear brake calipers
  • Floating front brake discs of the Porsche Motorsport RS (new)
  • Porsche 3.3 ltr Turbo rear brake discs (new)
  • Brake pads: Pagid Motorsport Kevlar / Carbon (new)
  • Brake fluid: ATE Type 200 DOT4 the new racing quality (formerly ATE Racing Blue DOT4)
  • Power brakes
  • Brake cooling: Brake air hoses rotate with brake discs using adapter plates
  • Brake cooling: rear brake air hoses
  • Steel braided brake lines front and rear

Motor and accessories:

  • 3.0 l 6-cylinder boxer air-cooled
  • Power> 300 hp
  • Torque> 315 nm
  • Speed ​​limiter 7,600 rpm (adjustable)
  • Racing carburetor PMO 46MM
  • 3.0 l RSR Porsche Motorsport Original oil cooler in front
  • Behr original oil cooler (mounted on the engine)
  • 3.0 ltr RSR original extremely lightweight engine cover (polyester)
  • Bosch HKZ original ignition with optimized curve
  • Oil catch tank - dry sump lubrication.
  • Rotating fuel line carburettors (at the same pressure)
  • Fuel pressure gauge
  • Long inlet opening with full flow in relation to the engine and carburetor
  • K & N racing air filter (removable, can also be operated with open inlet funnels
  • Racing spark plugs Bosch (silver)
  • Oil: Mobil 1 - 5W50 racing engine oil
  • Shell Racing 75W90 gear oil
  • Crankshaft balanced / balanced
  • Carillo Racing connecting rods, balanced
  • Mahle racing pistons, balanced
  • Original Porsche Motorsport RSR camshafts
  • Titanium slide valve guides + titanium slide valve plates
  • Titan Race 105 kg valve springs as well as weighed
  • Cylinder heads 3.0 l RSR (inlet 42mm. Exhaust 38mm
  • Valve diameter in 49 mm by 41.5 mm
  • Dilavare racing engine bolts
  • Porsche original racing oil pump 3
  • Race exhaust system, 44 mm guy header with Dansk silencer
  • Double-in and double-out. Separately per cylinder row and diameter optimized with regard to the engine. Tone approx. 100-103db. Allowed on all routes and public roads.
  • Generator belt with wedges.
  • Small original Porsche cooling air fan
  • Hydraulic chain tensioner
  • Wevo engine and bucket supports (blue)
  • Cable routing for RSR spark plugs
  • The engine has recently been completely rebuilt screws for screws, bearings / chains, etc.
  • Racing flywheel 3.7 kg, balanced / balanced with motor / gear
  • Sachs 3.0 ltr RSR clutch / pressure group Sachs clutch disc sintered base, sprung
  • Engine case flowed and processed in conjunction with airflow under the cylinders
  • Mahle cylinder liners flowed and were processed in conjunction with airflow under the cylinders
  • The engine / carburetor were set on a dynamometer.
  • Braided Goodridge Race inlet and outlet pipes with Goodridge Race couplings


  • Type 915, original matching numbers,
  • 5-speed H-pattern.
  • Completely rebuilt
  • Raised aluminum shifters
  • Short switching mechanism
  • Shortened gear lever next to the steering wheel
  • Straight shift rod
  • Clutch rod shift rod RSR Race Uniball
  • Wevo 915 gate circuit in the transmission
  • Standard 1st and 2nd gear
  • 3. (21:29 - 1,381)
  • 4 the (24:27 - 1,125)
  • 5. (27:25 - 0.926)
  • Waves transmission.
  • Quaife ATB limited slip differential
  • RSR oil cooler for gearboxes with forced air supply
  • Wevo oil injection rails in the gearbox. Oil is sprayed in 13 places to cool the gearbox.
  • External oil pump, electrical with thermostat.

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