Porsche 964 Cup Baunummer 001 im Originalzustand ! Vergrößern

Porsche 964 Cup Baunummer 001 im Originalzustand !



Porsche 964 Cup, hull number 1, the first Porsche Cup vehicle ever built in its original condition! Matching numbers, 1:1 original ! Price and further informations on Request. 

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The vehicle was shown in 1989 at the Geneva Motor Show on the occasion of the presentation of the New PORSCHE CUP SERIES.

1990-1991 it was used in the Porsche Cup Germany.

The vehicle is in a top technical condition, it is approved in Germany. and also has a DMSB car pass.

It is again in original style as it was then in Geneva.
Engine + transmission matching numbers.

THIS VEHICLE IS THE FIRST PORSCHE CUP OF THE WORLD, this vehicle was shown at the Geneva Motor Show in 1989 to present the New PORSCHE CUP SERIES. 1990-1991 it was driven in the Porsche Cup Germany.

The vehicle is in a top technical condition, it is registered in Germany and therefore has a DMSB Wagenpass.

It's again in Geneva at the show.

Engine + transmission = matching numbers.

In 1990, with the introduction of the Carrera 2, the Cup racing car was developed for the 1990 and 1991 season.

Detailed information of the 964 RS CUP series:

In 1992, according to the plans of the Cup cars, the Carrera RS was built, which could be ordered in 3 variants for use in road traffic and racing. The RS served primarily to homologate the FIA ​​Group N and FIA GT.

(The mass production was the basis to be admitted for N / GT races). There were three optional M versions. Carrera Cup vehicle, Options M001 was not allowed on the road. Carrera RS "Touring" option M002 was for the customer sport and street legal. Carrera RS "Competition", option M003. was for customer sports and road legal.
1990 Carrera Cup racing car chassis numbers
WPOZZZ96ZLS409001 to 050.
1991 Carrera Cup racing car chassis numbers
WPOZZZ96ZMS409001 to 120.1992 M001 Carrera Cup racing car chassis numbers
WPOZZZ96ZNS498001 to 112.
1992 M001 Carrera Cup USA racing car chassis numbers.
WPOAB2968NS420 ---- 45 pieces were not continuous.
1992 M002 RS Touring chassis numbers
WPOZZZ96ZNS490001 until 2050.
1992 M003 versions chassis numbers
WPOZZZ96ZNS499001 to 290.1993 M001 Carrera Cup racing car chassis numbers
WPOZZZ96ZPS498001 to 015.
1993 RS chassis numbers
WPOZZZ96ZPS418001 through 297.
1993 RS USA chassis numbers
WPOZZZ96ZPS419001 to 450.
1994 RS USA chassis numbers
WPOZZZ96ZRS419001 to 144
Engine numbers of all 1992 RS variants were 62N80001 to 62N90000.
The 1993 Carrera Cup cars were 62P80001 to 90000. Gear numbers were continuous at all: G50 / 10 2 000001. Engine numbers of the first 294 cars from the "N" series in 1992 are 62N 00001 to 20,000.
The "P" series in 1993 was 62p00001 to 20,000 and after August 1993 it was the "R" series
62R 00001 to 20000.
Description of the basic RS
The Carrera RS was manufactured from the series Carrera 2. The weight savings is achieved by removing the standard equipment such as, radio (the windshield antenna remains), cruise control, power windows, central locking, alarm, interior lighting, electric mirrors, fog lights, rear window heating, cables and relays , In the base Carrera RS lightweight construction carpet, lightweight door panels, fiberglass bucket seats and a 92 liter tank was installed.
Further weight was saved by trimming the wiring harness, an aluminum luggage cover, a smaller battery 36 Ah, omitting the insulation, thin glass (3 mm compared to 4.7 mm) and a 1 liter container of the windscreen washer system. The body was welded (reinforced) in many places.
The changes can be found in the Carrera 2/4 Workshop Manual Volume V, pp. 50-101 to 53-104. Brief description of changes: 1) Separate brackets for:
   Main electrical switch above the battery 1 liter container for windshield cleaning
   Modified bracket for ABS control unit Front tow hook Smaller 36 Ah battery Fire extinguisher, passenger side Additional supports for the six-point belts
2) Post-welded rear suspension and modified stabilizers.
3) Rear seat brackets have been removed.
4) No underbody protection, thus only a 3-year warranty against rust through.

RS Touring M002The M002 Touring body is different than the RS Basic version.
The interior is the same as the series Carrera 2 with door panels with speakers.
The insulation remains, only the rear seats are carpeted as in the case of the RS Basis and leather-covered RECARO sports seats were used.
The front carpet, alarm, central locking, interior lighting, 72 AH battery, 7.4-liter container windscreen washer, electric windows, antenna amplifier, 92 liter tank and a heated rear window was used as in the series Carrera 2. The bodywork changes were limited in the Touring M002 to the base RS.
The 6-point belt fasteners, the retaining