911 SC - Carrera 3.0 - 3.2l. AT engine replacement engine for Porsche 911 Expand

911 SC - Carrera 3.0 - 3.2l. AT engine replacement engine for Porsche 911


 Rebuilt Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 und SC 3,0 liter AT - replacement engine 

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15 950,00 €

  VAT non refundable! Differential taxation according to § 25a UStG

The motor vehicle master Albert Motorsport in Oberhausen repairs and overhauls your Porsche 964 engine. If required, we also supply replacement engines in series or enhanced performance:

Depending on the power level, the motors must be equipped and the control units must be tuned by us on the test bench.

Of course you will receive a test report of the engine supplied by us. All our motors are delivered exclusively sealed to secure the data and building conditions of us.

All racing engines are delivered after a functional test basically without any guarantee and warranty, because racing engines are designed to achieve short-term performance and not on longevity!

Participate in the decades-long Porsche and racing
experience of our automotive master craftsman company for Porsche vehicles.

Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 und 3.0 liter SC Engine


From Albert - Motorsport done work:

engine blockcleaned, dismantled, measured, blasted glass beads, bolts possibly renewed, if necessary Heli Coil inserts mounted and bearing lanes spindles, spray oil cooling checked, if necessary renewed.
crankshaftcleaned, measured, polished, ground if necessary and fine balanced if necessary
oil pumpcleaned, sifted, measured, renewed if necessary
Titan - rodscleaned, measured, reworked bearings, re-stored and worn down connecting rod eyes. If necessary. also new connecting rods.
tie boltscleaned, tested, possibly renewed
piston ringsAutomatically renewed with piston
piston pinsAutomatically renewed with piston
bearingsAll crankshaft and intermediate shaft bearings renewed
timing chainsRenewed timing chains
chain guidesrenewed
chain casescleaned, glass bead blasted, plan surfaces revised
Chain tensionercleaned, checked, in case of defect or damage cpl. renewed
intermediate shaftcleaned, measured, renewed in case of damage
Gears intermediate shaftcleaned, measured, renewed if necessary together with the KW gear
gasketsAll seals are renewed
SimmerringsAll Simmerrings are renewed
cylinderheadscleaned, glass ball blasted, all guides checked if necessary, all V - seats added and all angles sanded, valves ground, cylinder seat measured, if necessary, reworked by plan
valvescleaned, measured, valve seats, grind angle, grind valve seats in the cylinder head, valves pearl frosted
camshaft boxescleaned, checked, if necessary planned, if necessary renewed
hydraulic tappetscleaned, checked, renewed in case of wear of the contact surface or hydraulics
Cooling water regulatorrenewed
camshaftscleaned, measured, possibly renewed
sprocket wheelscleaned, measured, renewed if necessary
screwsAll screws on the outer periphery are renewed
nuts / screwsAll nuts and screws on relevant parts renewed
bracketsIf necessary galvanized or powder coated
sheet metal partsAll glass ball beaded - blasted and black or silver powder coated
generatorAT - alternator installed
injectorscleaned, checked, spray area measured, if necessary renewed
air filterscleaned, re-oiled
oil filternew
flywheel screwsnew 
spark plugsnew
Candles Connector & Cableschecked, possibly renewed
exhaust systemcleaned, flat surfaces checked, possibly reworked
Injection linescleaned, tested, if necessary galvanized or cpl. renewed
Engine wiring harnesscleaned, measured, repaired, possibly renewed
clutchClutch checked, possibly renewed **
flywheelcleaned, checked, possibly renewed **
Fuel filterrenewed
 ** these positions will be charged extra if the additional cost is applicable!
  ** Before the repair, we will provide you with a precise quotation so that you know exactly
       Know what our scope of work is, and what costs you have to expect.

  If you have any questions, please contact our boss Jürgen Albert: albert@albert-motorsport.de



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