911 - 915 G Modell Racing Schaltbock mit Schaltwegeverkürzung Porsche Vergrößern

911 - 915 G Model Racing shift block with short shifter for Porsche


911 - 915 Profi gearshift unit short shifter very precise for Porsche racing.

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  • 911 F
  • 911 G
  • Article without assembly
  • With installation and adjustment

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Porsche sports drivers and racing drivers,

here we offer you a professional shifting block with a shorter shift distance.

With this new development, you can make the shift noticeably more precise
and faster. Shift your older Porsche 911 transmission types more precisely
and faster than ever before.

This shift block shifts in a fraction of a second and is therefore better for
Porsche racing drivers who urgently need to shift more precisely.

As always, our team will be happy to answer your questions.

Installation instructions: for gear 915

  1. Move the existing lever to the 3rd gear position.
  2. Remove old gear lever
  3. Put on the new gear lever and screw it tight. Unscrew the gear knob and remove the shift bag.
  4. The gear lever must be in the 3rd gear on the right of the backdrop and in Longitudinal direction about 1 mm before the front stop of the backdrop.
  5. If this is the case, please continue with point
  6. If not, then that Shift rod coupling, which is screwed to the gearbox in the direction of the Release shift rod. Then the lever in the front can be brought into the desired position become. Then tighten the screw connection of this connecting part again. Move the lever to the neutral position. The lower part of the shift lever must now stand vertically. In 4th gear, the lever must be about the same longitudinal distance from The scenery is like in 3rd gear. If all of this is given, then with item 7 Continue. If not, then repeat point 6 and the positions again to verify.
  7. Now move the lever over the spring lock to the right and try 5th gear to insert. This may only be done after a lateral shift of the backdrop of approx. 5.5 - 6 mm may be possible. If the lever is to be inserted into 5th gear earlier, then there is a risk that when shifting down from 5th to 4th gea drives too close to the R-Gang. This is rewarded with loud gnashing of teeth. So please be sure to add the above Adhere to measure. If this measure is given, then point 8 Continue. If not, then engage 3rd gear again and the Release the shift rod coupling on the gearbox again. Then the clutch on the transmission side turn on the fine toothing in the direction of travel to the left until the gear unit Stop pretending. Then screw again and work through item 7 again. Then the lateral path for engaging the 5th gear should be correct
  8. Check the screw connection of the shift lever again and shift the shift bag over the Pull and align the cast base. Screw on the gear knob. The first test drive please Carry out very carefully and try all courses. The spring lock is so strong designed so that no further mechanical lock is required for the R-gear. When shifting from 5th to 4th gear, the lever gives the opportunity to automatic lateral jumping (by the spring force).

Please also note:
• The shift rod coupling at the rear must not be worn. That extends the
   Switch paths disproportionately. If knocked out, then with new bushings Mistake.
• Slightly grease all guides and also the plastic ball on the gear lever (the
   Gear lever itself was already greased during assembly).
• The plastic front shift rod guide must not be worn. If yes, then please replace it.

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