Ultima - GTR Sequenzielle Schaltung für Porsche 996 - 997 GT3-GT3 Getriebe Vergrößern

Ultima - GTR sequential gearshift for Porsche 996 - 997 GT3-GT3 transmissions


Sequential shift unit circuit shifting device for Ultima and Ultima GTR vehicles with Porsche 996 - 997 GT3 / GT2 transmission. Fast switching without risk.

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4 879,00 €

4 100,00 €   zzgl. MwSt.

Switch faster, converting your Ultima H gearbox into a semi-sequential gearshift. All gears are pushed and pulled to shift, as in a professional race car. The H movement is completely eliminated. Each gear is up and down individually. An electronic display is included, which shows the engaged gear at any time. The reverse gear is switched to safety. Indispensable for the semi-professional sports driver!

The shift-cables are made according to the length you specify.



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