Reduzierter Preis ! 997 - 996 - 987 - 986 Sitz Adapter für Porsche Typen Vergrößern

997 - 996 - 987 - 986 Seat Adapter for Porsche Types



Porsche seat adapter and belt attachment for 997 - 996 - 987 - 986 seat adapter for Porsche types

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Capitalize on Brey-Krause's innovative engineering with this race seat mounting option for 996/997/986/987/Cayman Porsches.

The R-9044 offers a simple installation process combined with significant adjustment flexibility. The assembly mounts to the floor and places the seat in the lowest possible position. The integrated sub-bar is adjustable for proper 5 or 6-point sub-strap routings. This design also incorporates three front-to-rear fixed mounting points for the seat brackets (brackets not included - see BK R-907X series brackets).

The entire assembly (including race seat) can be easily installed and removed as a single unit for race events.

Material: Type 304 stainless steel
Finish: Satin finish
Weight: 4 lbs.
Models: Fits 996/997/986/987/981/991
Installation: Attaches to driver or passenger side. All necessary hardware included (grade 10.9 M8 bolts as recommended by F.I.A.)
Miscellaneous: Seat brackets must be purchased separately - see BK R-907X series side mount brackets.

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