991 GT3 R Body Upgrade Kit 2016 - 2018 Carbon Porsche Vergrößern

991 GT3 R Body Upgrade Kit 2016 - 2018 Carbon Porsche



Porsche 991 GT3 R Kit Body Upgrade Carbon 2016 - 2018  

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28 505,00 €

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Porsche 991 GT3 R kit - body upgrade 2016 - 2018 ( currently available parts ) 

Item number:Description:Material:Nettoprice:
991-R16-100Front bumper - front bumperCarbon2.150,00
991-R16-101Inlet grilleEdelstahl350,00
991-R16-103Front splitterCarbon2.250,00
991-R16-108Rub block splitter rightPertinax145,00
991-R16-109Rub block Splitter LeftPertinax145,00
991-R16-110Rub blockSplitter MiddlePertinax145,00
991-R16-111Inlet channel water boxCarbon450,00
991-R16-112Brake channel right ( actually not available )Carbon....
991-R16-113Brake channel left ( actually not available ) Carbon....
991-R16-114Trunk hoodCarbon1.950,00
991-R16-115Front Fender rightCarbon1.250,00
991-R16-116Front Fender leftCarbon1.250,00
991-R16-117Ventilation fins right wingCarbon280,00
991-R16-118Ventilation fins left wingCarbon280,00
991-R16-119Right fender rib frameCarbon250,00
991-R16-120Left fender rib frameCarbon250,00
991-R16-121Lamp glass rightPlexiglas145,00
991-R16-122Lamp glass leftPlexiglas145,00
991-R16-123Right front wheel arch linerCarbon400,00
991-R16-124Left front wheel arch linerCarbon400,00
991-R16-125Sill rightCarbon950,00
991-R16-126Sill leftCarbon950,00
991-R16-127Rub block sill rightPertinax55,00
991-R16-128Rub block sill leftPertinax55,00
991-R16-129Widening rear rightCarbon1.150,00
991-R16-130Widening rear leftCarbon1.150,00
991-R16-131Wheel housing liner, rear axle, front rightCarbon400,00
991-R16-132Wheel arch liner, rear axle, front leftCarbon400,00
991-R16-133Wheel arch liner, rear axle, rightCarbon450,00
991-R16-134Wheel arch liner, rear axle, leftCarbon450,00
991-R16-135Rear bumperCarbon1.700,00
991-R16-136Führungsstift Heckstange Stoßstange HintenCarbon55,00
991-R16-137Entlüftungsrippe Heckstange Stoßstange Hinten RechtsEdelstahl450,00
991-R16-138Entlüftungsrippe Heckstange Stoßstange Hinten LinksEdelstahl450,00
991-R16-140Right outside diffuser finCarbon170,00
991-R16-141Left outside diffuser finCarbon170,00
991-R16-142Right inside diffuser finCarbon170,00
991-R16-143Left inside diffuser finCarbon170,00
991-R16-144Diffusor fin set completeCarbon600,00
991-R16-145Rub block outside rightPertinax55,00
991-R16-146Rub block outside leftPertinax55,00
991-R16-147Rub block inside rightPertinax55,00
991-R16-148Rub block inside leftPertinax55,00
991-R16-149Gearbox floorCarbon1.250,00
991-R16-150Main floorCarbon1.450,00
991-R16-151Guide pin (splitter bottom) ( actually not available )Edelstahl....
991-R16-152Bracket right ( actually not available )Carbon....
991-R16-153Bracket left ( actually not available )Carbon....
991-R16-154Rear wingCarbon1.500,00
991-R16-156Sideplate rightCarbon150,00
991-R16-157Sideplate leftCarbon150,00
Summe Netto:28.505,00
Vat: 19% 5.415,95
Summe Brutto:33.920,95



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