991 GT3 Cup limited slip differential for Porsche racing cars Expand

991 GT3 Cup limited slip differential for Porsche racing cars



High-quality limited slip differential for Porsche 991 GT3 Cup racing gearbox

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991 GT3 Cup limited slip new development:

Limited slip differential and pinion shaft for Porsche 991 GT3 Cup racing gearbox. New development of a robust
Solution for Porsche 991 vehicles that do not run in a series where homologated parts are used
have to.

Many of the features of our G 96/97 LSD came with a completely new housing without stress concentration
installed, which led to premature failures in the OEM unit.


Multiple ramp-angle options including custom themes.
Break-away torque easily adjusted by a series of Belleville springs instead of side dishes.
16 friction surfaces.
The differential case splits at a new location away from the main load paths, reinforced and
Stiffen the surface under the ring gear and handle OEM unit issues.
Hardened case with heat treatment and the same steel that make up the racing gears,
so that it offers excellent resistance to fatigue.
The end cap is held in place with the world's finest fine threaded ARP fasteners,
which allows a maximum clamping capacity.
Side and gear wheels with billet CNC machined tooth shapes with carefully selected root radii and
Pressure angles to withstand extreme shock loads for the ultimate in durability.
Unique LASER cutting oil passages are cut into the coupling plates, leaving excess
Oil can escape with a clear path. They also serve as lubrication pockets to ensure that the
wet clutch always provides the correct amount of oil, resulting in predictable friction characteristics.
The cross is precision ground with a specially shaped hub for extra rigidity.
The housing incorporates a specially designed positive oil intake and lubrication system that enhances your
Centrifugal force exploits.
The cross / pinion shaft is interchangeable with the original, however, we recommend the ring and pinion
as a pair to replace.



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