911 - 915 - 930 Getriebeölkühlung für Porsche Getriebe Vergrößern

911 - 915 - 930 transmission oil cooling for Porsche transmissions


Porsche 911 - 915 - 930 gear oil cooling gear oil cooler oil cooler pump electric

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Transmission oil cooling 911 - 915 - 930 complete set

Transmission oil cooling for Porsche transmissions of the 915 and 930 series.

The gearbox oil cooling can be installed in the vehicle when the gearbox is installed.

The conversion takes a maximum of 2 hours. The oil is passed through an electric
pump with a thermal switch sucked off the specially milled plate on the underside
of the gearbox.

The thermal switch ensures that no cold thick oil damages the pump can. The hot
oil is pumped through the oil cooler and returned to the gearbox.

Low oil temperature = longer gear life!

This oil cooling serves to increase performance Porsche 911 with 915 - 930 gearboxes

Scope of delivery:
  • CNC machined exit plate
  • 2 dowel pins
  • Paper gasket
  • Stainless steel oil pump holder
  • Oil pump HD electric
  • Screw-in oil pump Holder
  • oil cooler stainless steel
  • Thermal switch electrical
  • Oil cooler with rubber bearings
  • Screw in oil cooler
  • Pressed hoses with connections
  • Return screw for gearbox
  • Banjo bolts
  • copper seals 



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