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Panamera Diesel - Tuning auf: 234 kW / 318 PS / 704 Nm Vergrößern

Panamera Diesel - Tuning on: 234 kW / 318 hp / 704 Nm



Porsche Panamera diesel engine tuning to 234 kW / 318 hp / 704 Nm.

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1 450,00 €

1 218,49 €   zzgl. MwSt.

We do not deliver chip tuning !!

Unlike most competitors in the market, we use a completely redesigned co-processor
to change the performance parameters of your engine. This means that there will be no changes to the vehicle,
or on the serial software of the vehicle!

This results in many advantages compared to the main known OBD performance increases!
Through our co - processor remain the standard protection functions of the control unit and the
Software fully received! Thus, even with a poor fuel quality, no damage to your engine!

We only use the connectors and cable systems used by the manufacturer and no modified ones
Computers Product. Only so we can have a long life and a trouble-free continuous operation even with ice and
Guarantee snow and heavy rain!

Our 32 bit co-processor reads out the serial data of your ECU and changes it with 48 million pulses
per second, the serial parameters of your vehicle, according to our programming scheme.

Among other things, our co-processor changes the following parameters:

Injection time,
Injection quantity,
Injection pressure,
- boost pressure,
- Air mass!

This fully exploits the engine potential while simultaneously optimizing engine performance!
We have spent many hours with test bench work to achieve the optimum values ​​for your vehicle.
A look at the enclosed protocols will show you the serious performance differences.
(Test bench log is created after assembly)
For further questions please contact us: albert@albert-motorsport.de