Panamera 3.0 diesel test bench - tuning to: 266 kW / 363 PS / 774 Nm Expand

Panamera 3.0 diesel test bench - tuning to: 266 kW / 363 PS / 774 Nm



Porsche Panamera Diesel 3.0 engine tuning to 266 kW / 363 PS / 774 Nm.

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We do not deliver chip tuning!

In contrast to most of our competitors in the market, we carry out performance improvements on a test bench.
This means that no changes are made to the vehicle or to the vehicle's series software!

This results in a lot of advantages compared to the mainly known OBD performance increases!
We changed the following parameters, among others: - injection timing, - injection quantity, - injection pressure, - boost pressure, - air mass!

As a result, the engine potential is fully exploited, while at the same time optimizing the engine performance!
We spent many hours working on the test bench in order to achieve the optimum values for your vehicle.

A look at the attached log shows you the serious difference in performance.
(Test stand protocol is created after assembly)

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