Marten Shock Protection Defense Ultrasound for Porsche Expand

Marten Shock Protection Defense Ultrasound for Porsche


Marten protection fright defense ultrasonic 12 volt with switch for Porsche. Quick assembly. The marten fright periodically sends high tones in the ultrasonic range that are unbearable for the marten. The internal circuit prevents any habituation effect.

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39,50 €

33,19 €   tax excl.

Several times a year, customers have defects in cables, defective hoses and torn interior panels on their Porsche due to marten bites.

Our marten protection ultrasonic device with 12 volts prevents exactly this damage. The device is characterized by its quick and easy installation on the car battery or the fuse box.

It can be switched on and off with a switch.

The high-voltage device sends out regular pulses with ultrasonic tones.

Martens and other animals are kept away from your vehicle.



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