997 GT3 Cup Gen. 2 Bugschürze Spezial mit Spoiler und Diffusorplatte für Porsche Vergrößern

997 GT3 Cup Gen.2 front bumper special with spoiler and diffuser plate for Porsche



997 GT3 Cup Gen. 2 Carbon front bumper with integrated spoiler and diffuser for Porsche 911 Cup from 2009 - 2013

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Our 997 GT3 Cup 2 special bumper has an integrated spoiler and diffuser, so that noticeably more downforce is generated on the front axle.

The tendency to understeer is noticeably reduced, the lap times are faster!
In addition, additional Pertinax lips and output corners can be mounted, which further improve the output on the front axle.

The front area and the entire front apron is much more stable because the front apron can be fixed several times with screws.

The production is made of high-strength carbon epoxy material. There is nothing better in the global market compared to the PU series!

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