911 - 3,0 - 3,2l Porsche Free Flow Kit mit 2 losen 84 mm Endrohren Vergrößern

911 - 3.0 - 3.2l Porsche Free Flow Kit with 2 loose 84 mm tailpipes


Free Flow Kit Tuning Exhaust System for Porsche 911 vehicles made of stainless steel!

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Our Free Flow Kit is an ideal combination of stainless steel heat exchangers
and stainless steel sports rear silencer.
Up to 15% more power and torque are ideally achievable.

Great sound without TÜV.

The engine turns up noticeably easier and has a better response,
as well as a better power yield! The conversion kit is inclusive of all
Oil pipes, gaskets and screws supplied. Right under the headings
Please select your vehicle type before ordering!

The big price differences come about because different ones
Components must be used depending on the vehicle type!
For this conversion kit there is no special TÜV certificate!

 ModellMotor Year
 9113,2 08/83 - 07/89



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