996 - 997 MK1 Porsche short block with 3.6 liter cylinder and piston in exchange Expand

996 - 997 MK1 Porsche short block with 3.6 liter cylinder and piston in exchange


996 - 997 water boxer 3.6 liter engine block kit with cylinders and pistons, with reconditioned pistons, new special piston rings new graphite cylinders and parts as described. This engine block is 1: 1 replaceable to the Porsche Series engine block.

More details

  • 996
  • 997.1 Carrera 2

This offer includes the following works and articles: 

  • Inspect supplied 3.6 liter engine block for cracking and minimum required hardness
  • Clamp the engine block onto the CNC milling machine and completely remove the cast-in cylinder
  • Spindle the engine block completely and turn it up to fit newly made nodular graphite cylinders
  • Clean supplied pistons - check - finish and coat with solid graphite for mounting
  • Make and deliver special hardened piston rings
  • Make a spheroidal graphite cylinder to match the pistons supplied and glue them elastically into the engine housing.
  • Temper cylinder adhesion in the motor housing under pretension and allow to harden
  • Precise alignment of the entire later sealing surface and surface grinding for assembly
  • Delivery of all crankshaft and connecting rod bearings New store the supplied connecting rod eyes
  • Delivery of bearings for the intermediate shaft
  • Delivery of timing chains and guides
  • Delivery of engine block seals
  • Subsequent quality control of all components

Due to high demand we do not always have the 3.6-3.8 liter engine blocks available. Use in such cases Then we use the engines of our customers and build them with the original Porsche Matching numbers of the donor vehicle back up. Depending on the order situation, the expected time frame is between 3 and 5 weeks.

HERE for an info on the repair of our engine blocks 



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