991 Carrera Bypass exhaust pipe for Porsche Expand

991 Carrera Bypass exhaust pipe for Porsche



991 Bypass Pipe Exhaust intermediate pipe instead of the side muffler of the Porsche 991 Carrera

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Secondary muffler for 911 - 991, this bypass system fits perfectly with the 3.8 L Carrera 991 and increases
significantly the sound of the system to an aggressive sport note, while reducing weight.

These simple tubes replace the mufflers that are installed in the rear side panels of the Porsche 991.

The bypass system has the same diameter as the OEM system. It reduces the turbulence of the original
ones Exhaust system and saves a lot of weight.

The factory manifolds, catalytic converters and middle silencers are retained. The exhaust gets a decidedly
sportier Note, but no droning. When stationary engine revving you can from about 4000 rev / min-1
a noticeable Increase the volume.

Carrera Gen.1


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