996 - 997 Cabrio Verdeck in Sonnenland Dralonstoff für Porsche 911 Vergrößern

996 - 997 convertible soft top in Sonnenland dralon fabric for Porsche 911


Porsche 991 convertible roof convertible top roof outer skin with glass for Porsche 911 from 2012 from Daimler Benz Sonnenland Dralon

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  • Article without assembly
  • Article with assembly
  • 134 black
  • 135 blue
  • 124 dark green / black inside
  • 126 Dark tan
  • 127 Java tan
  • 127a cream
  • 128 a black red
  • 129 Graphiti grey
  • 130 Orion grey
  • 130 a Grey olive
  • 132 Mauve blue
  • 133 metropol blue
  • 138 Titan grey
  • 139b grenadine
  • 139 C burgundy

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1 245,00 €   zzgl. MwSt.


After ordering, we will manufacture a Porsche 997 - 997 convertible roof (convertible top) made of the best available material for you, the Daimler Benz Sonnenland Dralon fabric.

"Sonnenland" is the brand name for a very high-quality three-layer roof material with a lightfast outer fabric made of polyacrylonitrile (Dralon) and butyl rubber intermediate rubber. It is used as standard by BMW, Mercedes and Porsche and remains "like new" for many years.

The original "Sonnenland" top fabric has been made with a cotton-cellulose blend since the 1950s. Old stocks no longer exist or would be unusable. From around 1970, a 100% dralon fabric was used for the outer fabric. Since about 1995, the material "Sonnenland-A5" came onto the market in addition to the "Sonnenland-Classic" covering fabric.

The outer fabric consists of the technically identical fiber, which is, however, more closely woven. This was done for the increasingly built convertible tops with electric drive, which experience shows that they are opened and closed much more frequently than a manually operated convertible top.

Due to the more closely woven surface, the abrasion resistance increases, but the elasticity is reduced. This means that this fabric is not always optimally suitable for older vehicles with partly (or already) weaker top linkage.

Sonnenland acoustic fabric is also available on request. However, it must be taken into account that all other sources of noise, in particular the connections to the windscreen frame and the door seals, remain unchanged and thus only the rather insignificant source of noise of the fabric surface itself by max. 3db is reduced.

On the other hand, there is the disadvantage of the much poorer folding properties of the considerably thicker acoustic fabric, which is why we can only recommend it in exceptional cases for vehicles that have not already been designed for this fabric.

Some other fabrics that are visually similar to Sonnenland are available from other suppliers or on the Internet. Some of these have a much lower lightfastness and abrasion resistance, and the rubber intermediate layer may not be resistant to aging.

The same applies to the English so-called "mohair" fabrics as well as to Sonnenland imitations from Italy such as Syntex etc., some of which are offered elsewhere. In addition, considerable shrinkage can be expected with these materials.

Due to these serious quality defects, we do not offer these fabrics. 




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