991 GT3 Cup ABS - ESP Kit für Porsche 911 Vergrößern

991 GT3 Cup ABS - ESP Kit for Porsche 911


Porsche 991 GT3 Cup ABS - ESP system 12 settings, dry and rain mode perfect setting of the driving dynamics with ESP 

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ABS - ESP kit Porsche 991 Cup plug and play

Complete package with series connectors consisting of:

  • Racing ESP including sensors
  • ABS - wiring harness 991 GT3 Cup
  • Wiring harness extension ESP
  • hydraulic unit
  • attachment control unit
  • parameter box
  • ABS rotary function switch with 12-fold adjustment
  • ESP rotary function switch with 12-fold adjustment
  • Indicator light (LED)
  • Wheel Speed Splitter 991 Cup
  • brake line kit
  • Yaw rate/acceleration sensor
  • diagnostic system

The installation time is a few hours. We need your Porsche in our company.
The 911 balance beam system remains fully functional after ABS-ESP installation!

The very big advantage of this system is the 12-fold setting option and the switch-off,
so that you can switch the ABS system on and off as you wish.

With the ESP system, all driving dynamics conditions can be perfectly regulated. In borderline situations, targeted braking of individual wheels counteracts the car's swerving. This creates enormous advantages over competitors in tough racing conditions.

Rain and dry levels are also included in the choices.

The article can be installed in your vehicle on request!   

Race ABS ESC English

Race ABS - ESP Installation English Albert Motorsport

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