..... I always told you to warm the car before you give it a gas, like that - or something Similarly, a very well-groomed
lady mauls her godfather in our factory at the last inspection.

Man You know how fussy I am before the car is not completely warm, I do not kick he answers laconically, his dear wife.

This time it was the other way around because she was driving. It should go to the south. Until Mainz, then it was the tour
ended. Humming ... it rumbles out of the engine compartment - oil burns in the exhaust, all the lamps turn on, the engine
stops, nothing moves anymore. Just after lunch they were back on the highway driven, then the debacle happens.

Tiptronik - 325 hp - just 38,700 km on the clock, driven by an elderly gentleman, everything is picobello, As if brought
from the sales room, I see the car as it is towed by me.

The good workshop man in Mainz had submitted an offer of almost 35,000 euros, that was the customer too much, we get
on the floor and get the job, first only for damage analysis.

It is a known defect of the first 997 he .. this time is the intermediate wave turn, with everything that belongs to it. Torn
off and in the interior of the engine caused a lot of damage, so that almost everything can be renewed got to.

Yes, it is also very expensive here, but what is the alternative - throw away the car - no, it can Not be. The gentlemen
decide to solid repair by Albert Motorsport, after the Market for suitable repairers.

Here are some pictures of the damage.

If you have any questions, I am happy to answer you.

Best regards
Jürgen Albert