911 RS - RSR Support Bearing Alloy front (Racing) Expand

911 RS - RSR Support Bearing Alloy front (Racing)


911 Porsche Strut Mount, Support Bearing, Suspension Strut Bearing, Uniball Bearing, Alloy, Front,

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  • Article without assembly
  • With installation and adjustment

495,00 €

  VAT non refundable! Differential taxation according to § 25a UStG

911 RS - RSR front bearing made of aluminum, are mounted in place of the series bearings.

The better suspension control! For high cornering speeds and precise
Steering indispensable: Only for racers, since the uniballager only conditionally suitable for everyday use
are due to the fact that they are not protected against moisture.

These are complete Alu Domlager with built Unibalgelenken
made in top quality!



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