911 - 914 Rennsport Lenkgetriebe Lenkung mit nur 2.5 Umdrehungen für Porsche Vergrößern

911 - 914 racing steering with only 2.5 turns for Porsche


Porsche 911 - 914 racing steering with only 2.5 turns from right to left, indispensable in successful motorsport

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  • Article without assembly
  • With installation and adjustment

795,00 €

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Our kit includes a new DIY Quick Ratio rack and pinion.

The faster ratio reduces your steering to 2½ turns of steering, allowing you to maneuver faster and correct vehicle direction. The turning radius remains unchanged.

This enables the vehicle to react more quickly, for example in car races. Slightly higher steering forces are to be expected.

Works with both left and right hand drive vehicles. The rack housing is a replacement part, we get the undamaged, intact old housing back from you for further processing.

The steering parts supplied by us are exchanged for the Porsche series steering cables!

This complete steering is essential for successful motorsport!

The article is not approved for the road according and is not street legal!



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