993 - 993 TT - GT2 Fahrschemel Lager für die Porsche 911 Hinterachse Vergrößern

993 - 993 TT GT2 Subframe bearing for the Porsche 911 rear axle


993 - 993 TT - GT2 Subframe bearings for securing the subframe for precise cornering stability. Complete kit with all parts.

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  • Article without assembly
  • With installation and adjustment

500,00 €

  MwSt. nicht ausweisbar, Differenzbesteuerung §25aUStG

Attention !

After the conversion, you are guaranteed to have less tire wear and better grip!
Bearings and Mounts for exact suspension articulation and stability

In case of assembly, the axle halves are removed, the rubber blocks are expelled, the installation kit
mounted and then optimally adjusted the complete chassis according to your wishes and purposes.
Of course, this also includes a weighing of the vehicle! 



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