Racelogic VBOX Laptimer MK2 Stand alone version Expand

Racelogic VBOX Laptimer MK2 Stand alone version



Racelogic VBOX Laptimer MK2 Stand alone with its own GPS engine and its own data recording.

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Quick facts:  

  • Core function as a high quality laptop timing display
  • Predictive lap timing - Delta T via bar chart
  • Predictive Speed ​​- Delta V via LEDs
  • Variable setting of start-finish and intermediate times
  • automatic recognition of start-finish lines via GPS
  • Loading of start-finish lines via database 10  HZ GPS
  • data recording with extremely high position accuracy (MK2, new GPS engine)
  • Data analysis in CircuitTools analysis software

The VBOX Laptimer is the tool in the program that does the most, especially for amateur pilots - who want to coach themselves.

Even onboard, Delta-T and Delta-V anticipate the essential analyzes of a coach in the passenger seat and in the subsequent data analysis - drive, try, adapt, drive faster, try, adapt, drive even faster ... ideal for self-study.

The highlight function is our special predictive lap timing for professional qualifying, regularity drives and target laptime in long-distance sports.

Most meaningful Delta-T representation through consistently used GPS measurement technology!
The Delta-V display works as a support via the LEDs.

The idea of ​​the new function: speed control in the area of ​​corner entry and braking zone.
The VBOX Laptimer is aimed at all circuit racers who are looking for a variable and easy-to-read display.

Similar to the OLED Blue for the VIDEO VBOX Pro, the VBOX lap timer is also of high quality: anodized aluminum housing, Lemo connectors and the control panel on the front.

Due to the open SD card slot, it is unfortunately no longer splash-proof and is therefore intended for closed racers.

Overview of services in detail:

  • The system is characterized by logical user guidance during setup - intuitive operation is thus guaranteed.
  • Semi-automatic race track recognition via GPS, recognized start-finish lines are offered for selection
  • Lap timing data (start-finish lines) via transfer from the firmware
  • Predictive lap timing according to Racelogic concept Lap times with split times can be set manually
  • The display duration of the lap time can be set at the intermediate point or at the start / finish point accepts start and finish at separate points (also PLT!)
  • Delta-T, PLT, for qualification, self-coaching, regularity tests and fixed race space runs Delta-V as immediate information for greater consistency in the braking zone and as a driving error warning PLT Racepace
  • Setup for Creventic and Blancpain: Program available free of charge here in the downloads in the Support area Thanks to modern OLED technology, much better readability can be achieved than with conventional LCD screens.
  • The display system has internal sensors so that, depending on the installation position, the text on the display is shown the right way round. Different font styles (outline, inverse and standard) enable best legibility Adjustable display contrast
  • Everything about: Predictive lap timing is described in detail.
  • Ultimately, the VBOX lap timer does exactly the same thing as the OLED Blue, with the main difference that the OLED Blue must have the data sent from a VIDEO VBOX - the VBOX lap timer, however, does not. He works completely autonomously.
  • It is therefore the best option in our program to access optimal predictive laptop timing onboard if no system with video integration and full data recording is also required.
  • Delta-V always helps when Delta-T is not sufficient as a basis for information or would even lead to misleading information.
  • Display facts 1: Delta-T is shown in the display in a bar diagram. Delta-V through the two LEDs above the display field.
  • Delta-V shows via the LEDs whether the speed is currently higher or lower than during the reference lap.
  • LED - green = faster LED - red = slower Central to this: light intensity and number of LEDs.
  • At first glance, Delta-V seems to make the same statement as Delta-T.
  • Is the current lap faster at the respective observation point, shouldn't the speed also be higher?
  • No. Not necessarily. Delta-V and Delta-T have their information differences and this is most evident in the braking zone.
  • Delta-V therefore helps not to run over the car in the braking zone and thus helps to continue to optimally design the exit.
  • The exit speed is central to a good lap time - especially for amateur pilots. With the Pro, depending on the car, things can look different (see Michael Krumm Driving on the Edge and current GT driving style). But here, too, the Delta-V function is just as helpful when you have almost found the limit. Delta-V does: reliable information for the correct entry speed Avoidance of driving over at the entrance at the expense of the exit Knowing the input limit Reaction instructions to changed track conditions In short, the goal is: green LEDs at the exit rather none (intensi

Delta-V helps to find greater safety and consistency in the braking zones, because Delta-T shows the information what a driving error cost. Delta-V indicates that the pilot is about to make a mistake! Data recording & analysis. The center for "Know more. Drive better." The data is recorded on an SD or SDHC card. The data is transferred to the computer with the storage medium and evaluated there in detail: For the circuit - the CircuitTools analysis program. The analysis instance for more personal speed of the pilot: Facts: semi-automatic analysis, through race track recognition and immediate lap separation Analysis for time, distance or highly precise on GPS position (X-axis) Delta-T-channel when comparing laps - highly illustrative Route map for line analysis and perfect data synchronization work easily and intuitively Sector times variable, theoretical best time calculation Co-developed by racing drivers, focus on saving time without the unnecessary complexity of race engineering software German speaking, English optionally To achieve the specified accuracies, please Observe the GPS antenna installation instructions! GPS-GLONASS engine and data recorder: 10 Hz Speed: Accuracy: 0.1 km / h Units: km / h or mph Minimum speed: 0.1 km / h Maximum speed: 1800 km / h Resolution: 0.01 km / h Acceleration data: G-Forces Accuracy: 0.5% Maximum: 4 G Resolution: 0.01 G Distance measurements: Distance accuracy: 0.05% Heading: Resolution: 0.01 ° s Accuracy: ± 0.2 ° s Stationary position: 2D position: ± 5m 95% CEP * Height: 5 meters 95% CEP * * 95% CEP 



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