VBOX HD2 Racelogic Race Rally Video Camera System Data Logger Lap Timer Expand

VBOX HD2 Racelogic Race Rally Video Camera System Data Logger Lap Timer


VBOX HD2 Racelogic Race Rally Video Camera System Data Logger Lap Timer. 

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  • With installation and adjustment
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  • Harness 991 GT3 Cup
  • Harness 997 GT3 Cup

The VBOX Video HD2 is the best of two worlds:

  • Data recording on a professional racing and industrial metrology level.
  • The video recording at motorsport broadcast level.

The Racelogic VBOX Video HD2 is the ultimate in video data logging for those who want to achieve better lap times and greater consistency at the wheel.

The system consists of dual 1080p cameras, allowing for a main view with embedded picture-in-picture. The lenses are wide angle, ensuring that every moment of track action is captured in stunning high definition – so analysis in Circuit Tools is now even more precise than ever before. Video is recorded at 60 frames per second (1920 x 1080p), to SD card or USB flash drive.

Graphics are overlaid in real time – also in high definition. With the high resolution afforded by the 1080p output, this gives the user great scope for fantastic dashboard and gauge layouts. The graphics are fully customisable but several default scenes are available.

An app for Android and iOS devices connects via the VBOX Video’s inbuilt WiFi to allow fine-tuning of camera orientation, with real time camera output being displayed on the mobile device’s screen.

By default, the system will start and stop logging according to GPS speed. With the addition of the video pre-buffer, this allows every moment of track action – including race starts - to be captured automatically. Optional remote start/stop logging is taken care of via a Bluetooth unit that can be conveniently mounted next to the driver.

An internal battery allows the current file to be correctly closed should power be lost during recording, ensuring that no data loss or corruption occurs.

VBOX Video HD2 represents the very latest in cutting edge technology within the VBOX Motorsport range, giving you a competitive advantage no matter what level of motorsport you compete in.

OPTIONAL Predictive Lap Timing OLED Driver Display: Black plastic case with billet aluminium faceplate. Splashproof to IP64 rating. Bright OLED screen - the perfect addition to any VBOX Video setup allowing you to view lap times as you drive. The bright ‘organic LED display’ is sunlight readable, and all of the displayed units are configurable.

We also use this system in our own racing cars!


  • Motorsport onboard video system with full resolution of 1,080p at 60 fps
  • 2 very small full HD bullet cameras separated from the recorder
  • Scalable image sections
  • Picture-in-picture technology with freely scalable secondary image
  • Real-time data overlay in HD in the video image, freely configurable
  • no composite video, no fixed picture frames, real 1,920 x 1,080 p main camera image
  • professional GPS and CAN data recording
  • Professional 80 channel CAN interface for free programming for vehicle data tapping
  • alternatively: Easy-OBD2-PID-CAN data tapping via Bluetooth
  • Plugnplay recognition of racetracks for automatic lap timing and automatic overlay adjustment
  • Video and data recording security through emergency power tank
  • Camera setting using smartphone apps
  • Data recording volume can be reduced to up to 3.5GB / 1h with good video quality for long-distance races
  • Start-stop options via GPS speed trigger, CAN event trigger or remote control via Bluetooth
  • Expandable with Racelogic OLED laptop timers (OLED Black or OLED Blue)
  • Expandable with VBOX Pitlane Timer in GT3 Sport
  • Expandable with VBOX tire tread temperature monitoring system (VBOX TTMS)

VBOX VDIEO HD2 HDMI as a system for live video output (configurable)  



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